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Dave and Adam along with part-time Nick, Crafty Sara and Sometimes Erin gather every Monday night to waste your time and theirs with Another Waste Of A Podcast!
They talk about movies, music, cartoons, comics, booze, boobs, PBA bowling and whatever other topics the listeners come up with.
So settle in for an hour or so (or pause and come back later) for time well wasted.  Another Waste Of A Podcast.

When Dave took a job aptitude test in High school  3 jobs come up;  Actor, Stand Up Comedian and Radio Disc Jockey.  Since then he has tried all 2 out of 3 until now.  With the help of the internet he is finally living his radio (though podcast) dreams.  Voice personalities Danny Bonaduce, Johnathan Brandmeier, Steve Dahl and Kevin Mathews were a heavy influence.  Later Dave Glover, Russ Rollins, Daniel Dennis and Tom Vann help solidify what he liked to hear and what he wanted to do with his own show.  Even the Broadcast Center in St. Louis agreed he had the talent for radio, just not the money to pay for classes.

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