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Show #23: Another Waste Of A Podcast

August 3, 2011

Show #23:  Real full room tonight! Intern Nick, Sara and Erin with Adam skyping from Hell! Has it been 6 months already? Wow. Looking forward to the Women of AWOAPODCAST calendar for next year. Still waiting for some fan logo art of Captain Alligator! We talked about so many topics that I can’t remember. You will just have to listen! It’s a long one so sit back and enjoy! Or pause and come back to continue enjoying. Tell you friends!


Show #23: Another Waste Of A Podcast

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  1. Sugar-Chan permalink
    August 3, 2011 5:23 pm

    Another Waste of a Podcast – Where Intern Nick’s sexuality is always in question.

    Howdy do, decided to leave off commenting for a minute, since it felt like I bombarded you with topics. Should I have more topics, I shall make sure I make them as specific as possible, so there isn’t any confusion.

    Show comments! I agree with Adam, my life has no one theme song, but a soundtrack. On it are ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness, ‘Ask Myself’ by Robin Thicke, and ‘Supermodel’ by Rupaul. I think a diverse mix of songs shows the complexity of ones personality(yes, I am a pseudo-soul singing drag Queen who sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury).

    I really enjoyed Erin and Sara on the show today, I thought they were adorable. (Aunt) Sara sounds like a ray of sunshine beaming into the gloomy lives of all around her. Erin sounds like the kinda chick you’d want to hang out at a bar with during Happy Hour.

    Also, I think that the ‘Rob’s Topics’ song should sound like the ‘Hot Pockets’ song.

    One topic today. Do you have your own personal mascot? Meaning some sort of cartoon character or animal that you have an affinity for? For example, my mom loves butterflies, so they would be her mascot. I own a lot of Domo-kun stuff, so I consider him to be my mascot.

    Have a great next show kids, and I’ll hit you back soon.

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