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Show #20: Another Waste Of A Podcast

July 12, 2011

Show #20:  The whole gang is here!  Dave, Adam, intern Nick and Sara!  So much talked about.  International listeners, Ginger or Mary Ann? Cats and Dogs?  Ever caught doin’ it? and much much much more.  As wells as Nicks new segment and Dave’s Jackie Chan movie pick of the week.  It’s a packed show enjoy!

Another Waste Of A Podcast: Show #20

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  1. Sugar-Chan permalink
    July 13, 2011 6:45 pm

    Considering that I’m very likely the only person who will comment on the website, I have decided to make this my main means of communication.

    First, a list of possible tag lines for the show:

    Another Waste of a Podcast-More fun than a barrel of monkeys with half the production value!

    Another Waste of a Podcast-Better than listening to your co-workers breathe.

    Another Waste of a Podcast-Equally as fun as Captain Alligator going to the flea market.

    Another Waste of a Podcast-Where Robotech reigns supreme! (you might get some serious Robotech heads on that one. Con them into listening to an episode)

    And now for a list of topics:
    Nerdiest moment evar!
    Most creative name you’ve called someone
    Coolest thing for a baby that you wish you could buy your kid (like the awesome baby MP3 player on
    Favorite article of clothing
    Least favorite color that you have been forced to wear (i.e. work shirts, parents made you, etc)
    Scariest thing you ever saw on Etsy (plz visit for reference)

    Also, more harmonica and Millyana plz. Thank you!

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