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Show #19: Another Waste Of A Podcast

July 6, 2011

Show #19:  Would you look at that, 19 shows! Next week 20!!! Special guest Erin was on the celebrity couch She added her 2 cents with Dave, Adam and intern Nick. What did they talk about? The first real fan email, controlling dreams, snake solutions, 3D movies, dejavu, love at first sight, coke/pepsi?, fake boobs, alien life and more I’m sure!  Email us at  Friend us on Facebook!  Tell a friend to tell a friend!  Enjoy!

Another Waste Of A Podcast: Show #19

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  1. Sugar-Chan permalink
    July 6, 2011 4:52 pm

    I wanna chime in on the women’s issues presented in this podcast. Chick’s TOTALLY look at dude’s asses. I mean seriously. Especially me, as I’m an ass girl. We are also very much aware of the lack of ass a man has. And we will make fun of a guy for having a flat ass. JUST so’s ya know.

    (I hope no family member is traumatized by the above statement. If they are, it can be no more traumatizing than the ‘helicopter dick’ segmant of show 18)

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