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Show #15: Another Waste Of A Podcast

June 7, 2011

Show #15:  Dave and Adam introduce a new voice to the mix!  Intern Nick!  We think he fits in well.  It tonight’s show we ramble about Adams major award, My interesting awkward week, cute babys making ugly babys look worse, Marvel vs DC movies, manscaping and other random randoming.  Gotta tell your friends about this one!

Another Waste Of A Podcast: Show #15

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  1. Sugar-Chan permalink
    June 24, 2011 9:53 pm

    I know I’m super late to the party, but I wanted to randomly chime in on the subject of ugly children. Being the parent to a remarkably beautiful child, I have not had to feel the pang of pretty-baby envy, as I feel its hard to top the amount of pretty that she has. However, I, as well as a lot of other parents, have been known to compare my kid to other kids, and I am willing to admit that there is a baby that is just as cute as mine. If I had a funny looking kid, I would be well aware of it. That doesn’t mean my kid’s bad or terrible, it just means they’re kinda funny looking but there are other things about them that make them adorable.

    Also, when encountering ugly babies, it is best to comment on hair and clothes only. Oblivious parent’s don’t seem to know the difference.

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